All our neighbors, both believer and skeptic alike, are warmly invited to visit our church and to investigate the claims of Jesus Christ and the work of His Spirit in the members of this congregation. There are countless ways for our neighbors to become involved in many aspects of our shared life together in El Paso.

However, membership to the church is also a privilege and responsibility. Membership in St. Francis means that you have committed yourself to this family of believers, and have agreed to participate fully in the life, ministry, and mission of our church. The process of becoming a member of our church looks like this:

Step 1

Attend our “Start Here” class

This regularly-offered class is the first step, although it in no way obligates you to membership. Email the office at [email protected] for details on the next seminar.

Step 2

The Membership Meeting

After the seminar, please call the church office and setup an appointment with a member of the pastoral staff. Generally, these meetings last about 45 minutes and are designed to allow us to get to know you better, to hear how you came to be a Christian and what God is doing in your life. It also allows you to ask any questions you might have about the church.

Step 3


Following the interview, at a Sunday worship service, you will be asked to come forward and affirm publicly the membership vows. Those who have not been baptized previously will receive Holy Baptism at that time.

Whether or not you officially join St. Francis Cathedral, we pray that God would use this church to change your life and to equip you to change the lives of your friends and family. We are delighted to have you as a part of this worshipping community that we believe God is using to transform El Paso through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 “We must grasp once again, the idea of church membership as being the membership of the body of Christ and as the biggest honor which can come a man’s way in this world.”

—Martyn Lloyd-Jones