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teaching our children the
core doctrines of the Christian
faith, forming them to be
faithful, lifetime followers
of Jesus Christ

Sundays at 10:30 am

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St. Francis Cathedral is a diverse church community with families from all over the greater El Paso area and around the world.

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Venerable Layne Hansen
Senior Pastor

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Christian Formation Classes

The Christian’s life isn’t simply transformed by the Gospel when we first come to faith in Jesus,
but every aspect of our life is continually transformed as we live within the context of the Gospel.


9:10 AM

Romans – Part 2

through March 26

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All world religions are about being saved through giving to God our righteousness. Christianity is about being saved through receiving a righteousness from Christ. Paul writes this letter to the church in Rome with the hope that his readers will understand and experience this gospel of grace, and know its glorious freedom. Those of us who read the letter to the Romans today must ask ourselves: “Have I broken through into the freedom and release that the gospel brings? Or, has it not yet penetrated my heart? Are things blocking it and preventing me from knowing it?


10:30 AM


7th – 12th Grade


10:30 AM

The New City Catechism

K – 6th Grade