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December 1 & 8 | Advent Revolution | 9:10am
December 15 | Lessons & Carols | 10:30am
unwrap Christmas at the Cathedral

Christmas Eve | 5:30pm
Christmas Day | 10:30am
The Apostles' Creed
Children & Youth
Sundays | 10:15am

serving local coffee to serve local mission
all proceeds go to local mission
$12 per bag
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Sunday Worship

8AM & 10:30AM | 470 Eagle Dr.



St. Francis Cathedral is a diverse church community with families from all over the greater El Paso area and around the world.

Feel free to use all of the links on the above menu to learn more about us and why we do what we do. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through email or phone.

And when you come visit us, wear whatever you normally wear — getting to know you is more important than what you wear.

Thanks again for visiting our website. I hope to see you soon.

Venerable Layne Hansen
Senior Pastor

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Christian Formation Classes

The Christian’s life isn’t simply transformed by the Gospel when we first come to faith in Jesus,
but every aspect of our life is continually transformed as we live within the context of the Gospel.


9:10 AM

Living in Line with the Truth of the Gospel

August 25 – November 24

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It is very common in Christian circles to assume that “the gospel” is something just for non-Christians. We presume that the Gospel is a set of basic “A-B-C” doctrines that Christians do not need to hear or study once they are converted. Rather, they should move beyond the Gospel to more “advanced” doctrines.

But, the great declaration of the gospel of grace in Galatians was written to believers who did not see the implications of the Gospel for life-issues confronting them. Paul solves the disunity and racial exclusivity not with a simple exhortation to “be better Christians”, but by calling them to live out the implications of the Gospel – to live in line with the truth of the Gospel. So, Christians need the Gospel as much as anyone! Problems come because we tend to lose and forget the Gospel.

We make progress only as we continually grasp and apply the Gospel in deeper ways, allowing the gospel to transform our hearts, our thinking and our approach to absolutely everything!


10:15 AM | Middle School

The Apostles’ Creed


9:10 AM | Through the Bible

10:15 AM | HeartWork

The Apostle’s Creed

PreK – 5th Grade